Leaving Github

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Yes, as the title says, I am going to leave Github. The story started in July 2015. After I finished ECOOP, tired, I logged into github to see what’s new (during conference, I did not check it, I ... more

O kanbane

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Keď sa to vysvetlí, nie je to vlastne nič svetoborného. Každý by na to mohol prísť. Áno, ale pozitívne výsledky tohto malého nápadu sú skryté v disciplinovanom dodržiavaní. Kanban ... more

Branching message chain (was: Customizing Cascade)

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So I touched React Native and got my hands on JSX for the first time. I hope it's not only me, but in many times before, I felt I need something in Amber to better specify tree hierarchies (thinking ... more

Silk is just too flexible

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Oscillating indecisiveness personified as an essay Introduction Silk¹ is the young, in-development library for Amber Smalltalk for creating and manipulation of the DOM elements of a host web page ... more

Bežím do divadla

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Stalo sa mi včera. Pýtala sa pred časom jedna kamarátka svojho okolia na Facebooku, že má lístky na HollyRoth to SND za 4€, či sa niekto nechce pridať. Nuž som povedal, že chcem. Tak ... more

On commits and history and also on people

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On Github I recently became a part of a sort of a cultural clash over the topic of git commit granularity and structure of a project history. This opened a question on what values do I prefer and ... more

Empowered data

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This proposal tries not to add new entities into the language, it only tries to take what already is there and reusing it mercilessly. Also number of abstractions is lowered, since some of them could ... more

Boolean shortcuts

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Booleans are very nice concept, but can get bulky. That is why people may avoid using it, sometimes. Moreover, booleans are often put inside nice "traity" names like isRetired or done which are nice ... more

Móresy T-Mobilu

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V poslednej dobe sa mi stali dve veci v súvislosti s vyššieuvedenou firmou. Prvú by som nazval neľudskosťou. Keďže nemám veľa peňazí, tak som platil svoje faktúry často tak, že som ... more

50 000 voliteľov a dosť!

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50 000 je samozrejme len číslo, pokojne by to mohlo byť napríklad aj 20 000 (potom by to možno vyšlo tak, že by bol jeden voliteľ na 256 ľudí ), ale idea je takáto: čo keby volebné ... more