How to bump all your dependencies

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Sometimes, you want to bump all your libs to newest version. If they also depend on each other, you may run into version conflicts. One of the way how to do it with bower (and likely also npm) is:

  1. Open your bower.json (or package.json) and change dependencies to xdependencies and devDependencies to xdevDependencies.
  2. Delete your bower_components (or node_modules) folder.
  3. Run bower install foo bar ... --save (same for npm) for all libs listed in your xdependencies.
  4. Run bower install baz quux ... --save-dev (same for npm) for all libs listed in your xdevDependencies.
  5. Remove xdependencies and xdevDependencies from your bower.json (or package.json).

Tested to work on sample Amber sample project.